Welcome to the most comprehensive tender workshops in South Africa, empowering delegates to respond to tenders in a compliant, effective way through teaching the attendees everything they need to know when it comes to responding to a bid or quotation and the only place where you will find the highly sought after "Tender Manual".


In 2013, HowtoTender realised the lack of opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the tender process and how to submit effective and compliant tenders. Various workshops were developed, a one-in-a-kind Tender Manual written, and several other supporting services compiled in order to share our knowledge with fellow businesses and enhance their chances to successfully respond to South African tenders.

We continuously develop our training program through working in partnership with our strategic partners, public and private sector institutions, Organs of State and Large Business. Content are continuously updated with the newest regulations issued.

HowtoTender publishes relevant and informative articles about tenders and business in general on its own website as well as on other partner websites and publications in South Africa.