Joint Venture Agreement

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Joint Venture Agreement (JV) for South African Bids and Request for Quotations/Proposals (Tenders).

It includes tender specific paragraphs and can be modified to your requirements.

It is available in MS Word format (Electronic copy) and will be emailed to you as soon as you have completed the transaction.


Joint Venture Agreement (JV) for South African Bids and Request for Quotations/Proposals (Tenders).

Joint ventures are collaborative arrangements where two or more businesses come together to share their expertise to win a specific contract for a set period for a common purpose such as bidding for a tender. A Joint Venture is a separate entity and is not part of the individual participant’s own enterprise.

Partners in a Joint Ventures join forces and make Joint Ventures a good business idea to compete if you do not have all the necessary skills, expertise, recourses, infrastructure, or capital that are required for a specific tender.

Should you decide to bid through a Joint Venture, it is very important that you have a sound Joint Venture Agreement in place for your Joint Venture.  A good, rock solid Joint Venture Agreement will protect the parties in the Joint Venture.

Include your duly signed Joint Venture Agreement in your tender proposal.  If you do not comply with this rule, your tender can be disqualified. Therefor a Joint Venture must have its own set of rules by which it is managed, and this is called a Joint Venture Agreement.  A Joint Venture agreement must include some minimum rights and duties.

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